Connecting People to God

Our mission is simple - create an environment where people feel like they have connected with God. Why? Because when a person feels that connection to God, ANYTHING can happen!

At Revelation, we want to see people receive their physical healing, emotional freedom, and spiritual deliverance. God is ready to restore marriages, renew minds, and fill hungry hearts!

All of that - and more - will happen when people are connected to God!

Changing Our City

Right now, Frisco is evenly divided at 50% Christian and 50% non-Christian. Frisco is hovering in the middle, neither FOR Jesus, nor AWAY from Jesus. We want to build a church that moves our population TOWARDS Jesus! To accomplish this we have our first measurable goal...

2000 Baptisms

This lofty goal may take several years to attain, but there are three reasons this is our first standard of measurement: 

  1. Baptism is the Biblical method of counting new converts. Throughout the New Testament, when people believed inwardly, they were baptized. The teaching of the disciples did not merely point people to the inner choice of repentance, but to the demonstration of faith, illustrated through water baptism, followed by the promise of the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Typically, people are baptized once. Baptizing people generally means that new believers are being reached, rather than simply proselyting from existing churches.

  3. Finally, Frisco is evenly divided at 50% Christian and 50% non-Christian. 2000 baptisms will affect a 1% shift in the population towards Jesus. We want to make an impact that transforms our city!