Why Does Frisco Need Yet Another Church?

Why Revelation?

The name of the church officially is Revelation Frisco (we call it Revelation, for short), which also describes what we believe God wants to impart to the residents of Frisco and the surrounding areas.

The church name is based on the understanding that God does not speak to people in a haphazard or casual way. When He speaks, He reveals. He always speaks something new or greater, something that brings guidance, life, energy, spurs action, and provokes change.

We see in the Bible that God desires a relationship with people. In order to grow that relationship, God steadily reveals more of His Nature and gives a deeper understanding of His Word. In so doing, we become more familiar with His Presence and are continually shaped into His Image.

Without a doubt, the most popular question for us as church-planters is, “Why Frisco?”

The answer is actually really simple. Those who study churches can show that in order for the message of Jesus to have its greatest impact on a population,  1 church for every 1000 people is necessary. That means that today, Frisco needs just over 180 churches.

We aren't even halfway to that number yet!

In ten years, when we are projected to reach 300,000 residents, there will be a need for over 300 churches!

So, we aren’t trying to “compete” with existing churches, rather we are working to ensure that as many people as possible hear the Good News about Jesus!