The Victorious Life – Part 3

Other Messages

The biblical narrative of the “Jericho March” provides potent spiritual lessons and practical guidance for today’s believers seeking liberation from personal “Jericho” – seemingly insurmountable challenges standing between them and God’s promises.

Analogous to Joshua’s life journey – from Egypt’s enslavement, through wilderness experiences, to the Promised Land – the believer’s path includes initial enslavement by sin, acceptance of Jesus Christ, leaving behind sinful ways, baptism, learning, worshiping, and experiencing God’s power. These steps lead us towards our “Promised Land” – God’s purpose for us. Yet, like Jericho for Joshua, many believers face daunting obstacles.

Jericho, in our lives, may represent various hurdles like overcoming debt, breaking an addiction, achieving a degree, starting a business, defeating a disease, or reconciling a relationship. These challenges often appear walled off, causing fear, and doubt, seeming too vast to overcome. Yet, they stand as spiritual strongholds impeding our divine destiny.

Crucially, every “Jericho” in our life is conquerable with faith and God’s Word. Joshua’s victory came not by human strength but through the power of God’s presence symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant. Analogously, believers need to march against their Jerichos armed with the Spirit and the Word.

St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) emphasizes that our weapons for tearing down these strongholds are not human but divine. It’s not about our abilities, but God’s. It’s about dismantling the voices of fear, doubt, depression, victimhood, and shame with God’s truth.

Our spiritual journey requires active participation, not passive expectation. God’s promises involve a role for us and a role only He can fulfill. As in Isaiah 30:21, we hear God’s voice directing our paths, but we must be moving to follow His lead.

Our lives might seem to be in a loop, continually circling our Jerichos, yet God counts our steps. The story of the Jericho March assures us that with faith, perseverance, and God’s power, our walls will fall, paving the way to our divine destiny. Let’s march, trusting in His promises.