Our Three Pillars

  People – The church is not a building, the church is people! The church serves and loves people, and reaches for people who are far from God.

  Presence – When God is worshiped, His Presence becomes known and God speaks to open hearts. We value His Presence and choose to linger in the moment, when He begins to move.

  Power – The Word of God instructs and challenges us. The Spirit of God renews our minds and provokes life change. The power of God transforms our lives!

Making Disciples

Jesus commanded us to make disciples. To ensure that Revelation Frisco is training disciples well, we have chosen 7 traits to systematically include in all of our teaching.

  Servant Heart – We want to gladly serve others, showing the Love of God, assisting those in need, and being quick to encourage one another.

  Bold Witness – Christ’s disciples should never be ashamed of their faith, be able to provide reason for their faith, and take advantage of each opportunity to share their faith.

Joyful Generosity – “God loves a cheerful giver,” the Scripture says. When a disciple believes in the work and vision that God has put before them, they will joyfully sow their time, talents, and finances into making that vision and calling a reality.

  Fervent Prayer – Fervency in prayer is not defined by the volume or length of prayer, nor must it contain many lofty words and an impressive vocabulary. God honors prayer that flows from our hearts and is fueled by an intensity of faith.

  Love the Word – A disciple of Jesus is expected to know and understand the Scriptures. It takes a lifelong commitment to study His Word. We must also love His Word, which leads us to obey His teachings.

  Expectant Worship – We choose to praise Him openly and passionately. This is because we expect that each time we gather, offering praises to His name, He will respond! It may be that He will heal us, comfort us, give guidance, or simply encourage us. Each time is different, but we anticipate His Presence each time we gather to worship. 

  Transformed Life – The disciple’s life is markedly different from that of the secular world. The Spirit affects positive change in our marriages, family dynamics, workplaces, finances, entertainment, and every other sphere of our lives.