Shape of God – The Circle

Shape of God – The Circle

God Has Promises for You

This week we look at the circle which represents the fact that we finish where we start. God takes us full circle in our lives and with His promises.

There is an academic phrase dealing with literature called “ring composition” and we are going to discuss it in regards to our circle shape for this week.

Ring composition is a technique that basically means the story will end up where it started. On the left side, you have the events building up to the arc, which is at the bottom. After the arc, the story starts making its way back around and back to an eventual close. Interestingly enough, there’s a parallel between situations going on, on the left and the right of the ring.

There are some amazing cinematic examples of this technique such as The Lion King. The movie starts with a baby and ends with one as well. On each side you have Scar…one side he plans to rule and plots to kill the king. The other side relates because Scar then does become the King. This is an amazing visual of ring composition.

You have heard the phrase, “It has gone full circle” before I’m sure. This basically means that something has ended in a similar way that it began. This is how our Heavenly Father works.

How does this all relate to God you ask? I’m so glad you did because here’s your answer. God is very much a “full circle” kind of God. If you are a believer and you have placed your trust and faith in Jesus, you can believe that the promises He has made you are “Yes and Amen!” II Corinthians 1:20.

Many times we behave like the Israelites who seemed to have short term memory issues. Got did so many amazing miracles for them and a few days later they were panicking because of something they needed. It’s SO easy to judge, but haven’t we done the same with the Lord? I know I sure have!

We can easily find ourselves getting weary in waiting on God’s promises, but we need to remember something very important. We are not waiting for God to “show up!” God IS time. Just because we don’t see things moving on our behalf doe not mean it’s not moving.

God already has the ending planned. The ending to this life and to everything He has started in you and for you. We need to remember that the answer we have been waiting on is already there. We aren’t waiting on God to show up, He is actually waiting on us to arrive.

God created man and woman to fellowship with Him in the Garden of Eden, but because of the original sin everything changed. However, because God always has an ending created with His beginning, He sent His Son to earth to pay for OUR SINS. If we accept the completed work on the cross, we will end up in Heaven spending eternity with God, just as He planned all along…full circle!

There is another important principle that we should remember and it is written in Galatians 6:7. “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Sometimes the delay to our promises or what we perceive as a delay is really the consequences of past decisions coming to pass. When we turn our lives over to God it takes some time for us to produce a good crop from allowing God to be in control.

When thinking about the many shapes of God, it is especially comforting to think of Him represented as the shape of a circle. There is no drop off point, no place for Him to disappear out of your life. Rest assured friend that God ALWAYS finishes what He has started!