Super Natural

Super Natural

Organic, Super Natural work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

When you hear the word supernatural you more than likely think of things that are extra terrestrial or something you see in a Marvel movie. However, it can also mean…”extremely or super duper” natural! We hear a lot about natural things when we discuss things like food. It’s not a synthetic or fake product, but an all natural product etc.

It’s this kind of super natural that the work of the Holy Spirit should be in our lives. It shouldn’t be as scarce as a lunar eclipse, instead it should be something we are very used to. Sometimes we make the work of the Holy Spirit far more complicated than it needs to be. When we have to make decisions in our lives we don’t need to over spiritualize things, we just need to make a flipping choice. That is meant realistically, but the phrase will be easy to remember as well.

Some big decisions are made by flipping a coin. Think about the Super-bowl and how a game that generates millions of dollars begins with the flip of a coin to decide who starts the game. Some local elections have settled ties by flipping a coin.

Let’s look at Proverbs 18:18. “Flipping a coin can end arguments; it settles disputes between opponents.” The flipping of a coin can end arguments and not just arguments, petty little things. It settles disputes between powerful opponents and big decisions can be made like this. At first glance, it appears to be irresponsible, especially when thinking of what might be a life changing decision. There are important things in the balance here, but what if the Holy Spirit helps to simplify your choice? The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is an advocate. He is pleading on your behalf and is working for you. Life is filled with decisions big and small that have to be made. It’s an awesome feeling to know we have an advocate working on our behalf.

In the Old Testament, they would cast lots or flip a coin to determine important things, like the duties of the priest or who was going to be on duty in the temple that week. They would flip a coin.

Now there is a great example of this in Acts 1:21. The disciples had to replace Judas who had betrayed Jesus and then hung himself in shame. The men needed another man who would go on to be an elder in the early church. It needed to be a Godly man who had been around the ministry of Jesus. It came down to two men, Joseph called Barabbas and Matthias. They casts lots or basically flipped a coin and it was decided to pick Matthias. This was no small decision. This was major. Here’s what we see in chapter one. Number one, they made parameters, Godly parameters because they had a dilemma and needed an answer.

What were the parameters? It says that they had to pick someone that’s been with them from the beginning. They had to pick someone that was with them when Jesus was baptized by John until the day He was taken from them. They were looking for someone particular. It wasn’t just random chance they were setting parameters.

If you’ve got a dilemma in your life and you need to make a

flippant choice, like, what do I do? Set some parameters, like these are our choices, these are our Godly, viable choices. This is what would please God.

However,some of us don’t want to be responsible for choices, so we will say things like, “Let me pray about it” as if they are not spiritually capable of making a decision.

God wants to work with you to make a plan so number one you need to make parameters. Then number two you pray about it. Thirdly you flip a coin. Then the fourth thing is give God something to work with. We can’t just flip a coin and then wait and do nothing. We have to be willing to move.

These are great steps to take when you have a decision to make. We don’t need to over spiritualize matters. The Holy Spirit is advocating on our behalf, and sometimes we just need to make a flipping choice.