Forever Jesus – Pastor Ben Sanders

Discover the ultimate answer to life’s deepest questions in the finale of our ‘Clear View of Heaven’ series, where we reveal that Jesus is the key to every fear, need, and situation. From Old Testament prophecies to New Testament teachings, and looking forward to eternity, we explore how Jesus’ presence weaves through every aspect of our spiritual journey. As we uncover how Jesus embodies the way, the truth, and the life, we invite viewers to see life through the lens of His love and teachings. This isn’t just another sermon; it’s a transformative experience, drawing us closer to the essence of our faith and the promise of eternal life with Christ. Let us align our hearts and minds with the ultimate source of all answers – Jesus Himself.

Revelation Frisco is a Spirit-filled, diverse, non-denominational church family located in Frisco, TX. Led by Pastor Ben Sanders, we envision a church that is vibrantly alive with true worship of Jesus Christ. Visit us online at