Vision Sunday

“Two Words for the New Year: Muddy Water”

In the heart of the story of Naaman, a commander afflicted with leprosy, lies a profound metaphor for our spiritual journey. This narrative is more than a biblical tale; it’s a reflection of our own struggles and the path to receiving what we seek from God. Naaman, a man of stature and pride, initially balked at the prophet Elisha’s simple solution to wash in the Jordan River. His reluctance echoes our own hesitance to obey God.

Naaman’s story is a reminder that true healing and transformation often come through simple acts of faith and obedience, much like the act of immersing in the muddy waters of the Jordan. In our lives, we encounter our versions of ‘muddy water’ – those unassuming opportunities for growth and renewal that we often overlook or undervalue.

Just as Naaman had to shed his pride and follow Elisha’s instructions, we too are called to let go of our preconceived notions and ego. It’s in these acts of surrender that we often find the most profound growth. The muddy waters symbolize not just a physical action, but a spiritual stance of humility and trust in God’s plan.

The story of Naaman also teaches us about obedience. In today’s world, where autonomy and self-direction are highly valued, the idea of obedience can seem outdated or restrictive. Obedience in faith is liberating.

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of this new year, Pastor Ben’s message is clear: seek and embrace your ‘muddy water.’ It may come in the form of a challenging task, a call to serve, a moment of introspection, or a step towards reconciliation. These moments, however humble or daunting, are where true growth and transformation lie.