Hope For a Stump – Pastor Ben Sanders

Sometimes, we overlook the potential in what seems barren—a stump, thought to be lifeless, can stir at the mere hint of water. Similarly, you may wonder how to revive your own spirit, longing to feel alive again. The answer lies in rooting yourself deeply, despite the depths you’ve plummeted. Like that resilient stump, you can still reach for life-giving sustenance. Embrace prayer, generosity, fellowship, service, and love, and watch as the dormant parts of yourself begin to stir with newfound vitality.

God, Get The Glory! Pastor Ben Sanders

It’s not about our own strength, methods, or ideas; it’s about His omnipotent influence within us. To Him belongs all the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout every age, extending into eternity. Understand this: God sees you in your brokenness, in your efforts to navigate life. He recognizes your attempts to move forward. Yet, He beckons, ‘If you align with my will, if you surrender to my way, if you proceed in my strength, then I will utilize even your challenges for extraordinary purposes.’

Weighted Worship – Pastor Ben Sanders

I aim to worship with full devotion to Him, regardless of circumstances. Amidst trials, I choose to prioritize worship—attending, serving, praising—because Jesus outweighs any challenge. Even if tired or facing adversity, worship remains paramount. Worship is a spiritual resolve, a decision made from the depths of the spirit. It declares that nothing shall outweigh the adoration directed towards God, reflecting a desire to live in a manner that magnifies His glory above all else. It’s profoundly spiritual, precisely what God seeks—those who worship Him in spirit and truth.

Outpour Inpour – Pastor Ben Sanders

Today’s message resonates with the simplicity and power of pouring out what we have for the glory of the Lord. Whether it’s faith, joy, love, or willingness, our small offerings become magnified in God’s hands. As Romans 12:3 reminds us, each of us possesses a measure of faith, prompting the question: How will we pour it out? By surrendering to God’s will, we invite His abundance into our lives. Whether it’s taking the first step in faith or reaffirming our commitment to follow Jesus, the act of pouring out our hearts brings transformation.

Thank God, Because it Could’ve Gone Another Way – Pastor William Burch

Let me remind you that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you’re never beyond the reach of Christ’s love. His compassion knows no bounds, and it’s our privilege to extend that same love to others. We’re grateful for all that He’s done, especially His sacrifice on the cross. Every drop of blood shed, every stripe, every thorn pressed into His brow— it was all for us. Without His love, we would be lost. So, let’s express our gratitude by sharing that love with others, knowing that it all began with His selfless act of love on Calvary.

The Dangerous Now – Pastor Ben Sanders

Now’s the time to really go for those dreams! Dive in, make things better, even when it feels tough. I mean, who likes the uncomfortable stuff, right? But hey, that’s where the magic happens. Sure, resting out is important, but staying comfy all the time? Nah, that’s not where the good stuff is. Change is the only constant, but you gotta keep moving through it. And let’s not forget, growth doesn’t happen in the cozy spots. It’s when things get a bit messy that we really start learning and growing. So, why wait for someday when you can start making things happen right now?

The Tongue on Fire – By Jim Haring

Our tongues wield immense power. This seemingly small organ within us holds the ability to shape destinies. It can alter someone’s perspective, shift their emotions, or even transform their professional trajectory and public perception. Whether you’re in a position of authority or simply engaging in casual conversation, your words carry weight. While the tongue can be a force for good, it can also be a tool of harm, echoing the sentiments of our hearts. To ensure our words uplift rather than harm, we must nourish our hearts with positivity and purpose. We must fill them with goodness, giving God something to work with. Always remember: what fills your heart spills from your lips. So, what occupies your heart’s space? Is it mere entertainment, like binge-watching shows, or is it a deeper connection with the Divine? One of the most powerful things we can do is to immerse ourselves in the Word, allowing it to shape our hearts and, in turn, our words.

In the Name of Jesus – Pastor Ben Sanders

As we step into the authority of Jesus Christ and truly embody His character and reputation, our lives transform. His name is no longer misused in our actions; instead, we live to honor Him. We deeply desire His name and reputation in our lives, yearning to embrace His goodness, mercy, and holiness, and seeking the unique freedom that only He provides. We aspire to reflect His character, loving the world as He does, caring genuinely for souls, and walking in both truth and grace. Above all, we want Jesus at the center of our lives and deeply rooted in our souls. Mishandling His name is a path we refuse to take; it’s too dangerous! We long to experience the transformative power that only He can provide.

The Form of Godliness – Pastor Ben Sanders

The pursuit of godliness can take various forms, but when it’s centered on truly knowing and pursuing God, it becomes a powerful thing! I echo the prayer: may God cultivate within me a godliness that glorifies Him, one that acknowledges His power manifesting through me. Let God shape us into the kind of godly folks that actually make a difference. Whether we’re worshipping, praying, fasting, or just doing our thing out in the world, let’s ask for that genuine spiritual fruit to shine through us.

God Came Down: To Love Me – Pastor Ben Sanders

He didn’t merely walk among us; he chose to fully immerse himself in our joys and struggles, intimately acquainted with the depths of human experience. Through his own journey, he developed a profound empathy for our pains. However, his purpose wasn’t solely to reflect our existence. We, like wayward sheep, wandered, each on our own path, burdened by the weight of our sins. He endured piercing, wounds, and torment because of our rebellion, bearing the deep grief caused by our transgressions. Since the days of Eden, humanity’s disobedience has wounded his heart deeply. Yet, his mission went beyond mere presence; he came to lavish us with love. His ultimate aim was to unveil the boundless love of God, a love that persists despite our waywardness