God Came Down: To Love Me – Pastor Ben Sanders

He didn’t merely walk among us; he chose to fully immerse himself in our joys and struggles, intimately acquainted with the depths of human experience. Through his own journey, he developed a profound empathy for our pains. However, his purpose wasn’t solely to reflect our existence. We, like wayward sheep, wandered, each on our own path, burdened by the weight of our sins. He endured piercing, wounds, and torment because of our rebellion, bearing the deep grief caused by our transgressions. Since the days of Eden, humanity’s disobedience has wounded his heart deeply. Yet, his mission went beyond mere presence; he came to lavish us with love. His ultimate aim was to unveil the boundless love of God, a love that persists despite our waywardness

God Came Down: To Live Like Me – Pastor Ben Sanders

God descended to assume our likeness, to dwell as we do, to experience our trials, and to bear our sins. When we behold ourselves upon that cross, a profound, inexplicable connection occurs—a supernatural communion. It’s a profound mystery, yet it’s unveiled to us. As we witness ourselves there, alongside our sins, we are united with Him in that moment. While He existed, so did we. The blameless one carried our burdens of sin and disgrace upon Himself, while His righteousness enveloped us.

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It’s one thing to hear about something and It’s a completely different thing to experience it. The glorious Presence that brings freedom, life, deliverance and peace It’s very real. The presence of God is a reality today as it was at the days of the disciples. We can experience Him! There’s more for each and every one of us and we can go to deeper depths! We can dive deep into the Presence of the Lord today, and we can be forever changed.

Leap Into Gray – Pastor Ben Sanders

Finding Grace in the Midst of Struggle: Dive into a transformative message of hope and resilience with this compelling sermon excerpt. Drawing from biblical passages like 1 John 1:9 and 2 Corinthians 12:7, the speaker delivers a poignant reminder of God’s unwavering grace, even in the face of life’s fiercest battles. Whether you’re wrestling with sin, enduring hardship, or simply seeking solace in turbulent times, this powerful discourse offers a beacon of light. Discover how embracing grace can lead to inner peace and renewed strength, empowering you to press on with unwavering faith. Tune in, embrace the journey, and let the peace of God wash over you as you navigate life’s uncertainties.

Talk Back To God – Pastor Ben Sanders

Immerse yourself in this profound discourse on the art of conversing with God, intricately woven with personal anecdotes and spiritual insights. Through a series of captivating narratives, you’ll explore the dynamics of dialogue with the divine, uncovering the subtle nuances of communication that often lead to transformative encounters. From moments of uncertainty and hesitation to the joyous embrace of God’s Presence, each story serves as a poignant reminder of the richness found in staying engaged in the conversation with God. So, are you ready to step into a deeper, more meaningful connection with God?

Best Life – Pastor Ben Sanders

In this message we explore the universal longing for fulfillment beyond material success. Through introspection and surrendering our attachments, we’re challenged to build our lives on a foundation of Faith, transcending mere ambition and finding true contentment in God’s presence. This transformative journey invites us to embrace a life that surpasses earthly desires, leading to a deeper understanding of fulfillment and purpose.

One Way – Pastor Ben Sanders

Dive into a profound message with Pastor Ben as he explores the essence of building life God’s way, emphasizing the pivotal role of faith as the foundational element for a purposeful and fulfilling journey. Drawing inspiration from the creation story in Genesis, the message highlights the importance of aligning every aspect of life with God’s principles. Pastor Ben shares practical insights on starting relationships & rebuilding marriages God’s way!

Win Everyone – Pastor Ben Sanders

It is a great honor to lead others to Faith, boasting not in pride but in the positive impact we’ve had. As messengers of God’s love, let’s envision lives transformed, baptized, and entering heaven with joy. This vision fuels our commitment to the Great Commission, sharing the transformative power of Faith!

Win Your Family – Dr. Landon Galloway

Uncover the parallels between Nehemiah, a cup bearer in the king’s palace, and the challenges we face in our families today. This message calls us to wake up, break free from complacency, and actively fight for our families. Don’t miss this stirring message that encourages us to prioritize what truly matters—our loved ones. It’s time to be a force for change and restoration in our homes.

Win Yourself – Pastor Ben Sanders

Join us for a powerful message that delves into the essence of crucifying temporary suffering to attain imperishable glory. Emphasizing the importance of self-discipline for the greater purpose of guiding others. Gain insights into facing life’s challenges, embracing suffering, and finding strength in seeking God’s kingdom first. Learn to crucify your temporary struggles, trusting in the promise of a new, glorified body and eternal life.